soundBarn Press

Lee Ranaldo is a musician/visual artist/writer best known as a founding member of rock band Sonic Youth.   how not to get played on the radio collects twenty-two of Ranaldo’s signature poetry writings, many never before published.     His swirling fragments of observed and found text map an American terrain seen through the hazed glass of tour busses, airports windows and the avant-garde voices of the past century.

James Cullinane is an artist and writer whose visual works have been seen in New York for the past twenty years.   History, politics and the poetic heritage of Williams and Olsen find new footing in the twenty plus poems of his Found a Little Jawbone…   From the opening Janis Joplin quote to the concluding image of a ruined roman aqueduct, Cullinane constructs glancing assemblages of the triumphs and failures of his surrounds.   This is the first publishing of Cullinane’s poetry.

soundBarn Press inaugurated the chapbook series in early 2011 with artist/musician and soundBarn founder Thomas Lail’s first collection of poetry,  May 08- Feb 10.    Like his works in sound and collage, Lail’s poetry combines and juxtaposes fragmentary glances into arcing structures--  themselves minimalist shards--  populated with history, ideas and stolen fragments of the everyday.


Titles are available individually or YearOne: the complete soundBarn Press releases from 2011 at a special price.

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