soundBarn: New CD on Tape Drift Records

soundBarn's new CD The Gunpowder Conspiracy now available from Tape Drift Records. 

"Second TD outing from this upstate NY pair of deconstructionists.  Lail and Weklar continue in their quest to explore the outer realms of the guitar.  Drawing their name from the cavernous reverberating room where they record, these two tackle the challenge of making their guitars sputter, snarl and growl in tandem.  The resulting textures are thick, dark and ominous, with smoky trails of feedback framing a journey into sound itself.  The clanging metallic scrapes of Russell/Morley and Moore/Ranaldo are the starting points, yet these two extend the path into infinity.  Take the ride"
"The connection between the music of soundBarn and Sonic Youth is apparent on the duo’s 2011 CD Valentine whereby–true to Sonic Youth ideals–the duo utilizes prepared guitars to create sprawling tracks loaded with feedback-laced mayhem.". WBNY Upstate SoundScape
Excerpt from the first track: