Nippertown!: Be Here Now: Location Ensemble @ Saratoga Arts

Be Here Now: Location Ensemble @ Saratoga Arts Center, 11/12/11
Thursday, November 10th, 2011
There’s a new band in town, and you can bet your last peso that Location Ensemble is not like any other band on the Nippertown scene. And that’s because, well, there’s no other combo around that features a bassist, a drummer and seven – count ‘em, 7 – guitarists.

It all began last year when the experimental duo soundBarn joined forces with members of the Albany Sonic Arts Collective to perform Rhys Chatham’s legendary 1977 piece, “Guitar Trio,” a swirling mass of minimalism-meets-punk rock.

They decided to make the collaboration a semi-permanent performing unit, and the underground super-group was christened Location Ensemble.

On Saturday evening Location Ensemble will be unleashing their unholy sound once again with a concert at the Saratoga Arts Center in Saratoga, featuring new works by ensemble members Eric Hardiman, Holland Hopson and Thomas Lail, as well as an expanded score of Valerian Maly’s “Electric Guitar II.” The performance will be accompanied by live projections created by digital/video artist 1983.

For Saturday’s performance, the members of Location Ensemble will include guitarists Tara Fracalossi, Howard Glassman, Ray Hare, Holland Hopson, Thomas Lail, Jason Martin and Patrick Weklar, as well as bassist-guitarist Eric Hardiman and drummer Matt Weston.

The performance by Location Ensemble will take place at 8pm on Saturday (November 12) at the Saratoga Arts Center in Saratoga Springs. Admission is $8; students $5.