soundBarn plays Hitchcock: Tues Nov 1

soundBarn will perform a live improvised score to accompany Alfred Hitchcock's 1929 film "Blackmail." The performance is organized by artist and Rensselaer faculty member Michael Oatman for "The Man Next Door: Alfred Hitchcock and the Architecture of Fear."

Tuesday November 1, 7-9:30 PM
RPI Main Campus, Troy, New York
SAGE 3303 Auditorium (off Sage Avenue).
Click for Map   Parking on Sage Avenue

The event is free and open to the public.

About the film: Originally conceived as a silent film, a large portion of the "Blackmail" was then reshot with sound, using the RCA Photophone sound-on-film process. Both versions of the film were released theatrically, although the sound version is the one modern audiences will be the most familiar with. In "Hitchcock/Truffaut", Hitchcock relates how he used the Schufftan process to shoot certain scenes in the British Museum, where the light levels were too low. (See IMDB.)