soundBarn's Thomas Lail in Transport......

Transport: Tara Fracalossi, Thomas Lail, Leah Singer, Lee Ranaldo
Galeria Cypriana Majernika, Bratislava, Slovakia
Opens Wednesday July 6, On view through September 4


Thomas Lail, Untitled (Dome IV), wood, hardware 2011

Thomas Lail, Untitled (Domes Over Bratislava), ink jet prints on acetate on extant windows, 2011
Transport: Tara Fracalossi, Thomas Lail, Lee Ranaldo, Leah Singer, an exhibition to be held at the Galeria Cypriana Majernika, a publicly supported gallery focusing on modern and contemporary art in Bratislava, Slovakia will present video, installation and works on paper by visual artists Tara Fracalossi, Thomas Lail, Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo. The exhibition also includes a Boite-en-valise of small works by 25+  American artists. This project has been developed in collaboration with Bratislavan curator Richard Gregor, Director of the Galeria Cypriana Majernika.